When You Get Lonely EP

by J.M. Long



- Fully produced at Library Sound Recording in Portland, OR.


released April 26, 2019

- All songs written, recorded, & produced by Jeremy M. Long.

- Dillon Van Buren: Guitar overdubs on 17OJ & People Worry.

- Erik Peterson: Guitar overdubs on EastWest.

- Giancarlo Hererra: Drums & Beats on People Worry, EastWest, Sandbar, & Twisted Up.

- August George: Live Bass on EastWest, 17OJ, & Loyal to a Fault.
Beats on EastWest.

- John Greenham: Mastering on People Worry.


all rights reserved



J.M. Long Portland, Oregon

J.M. Long is an art pop musician from Portland, Oregon. He has been actively releasing music and performing under his solo moniker since 2017. In addition to receiving local radio play, Long has steadily built a strong local following through dozens of full band and solo shows in the last two years.

His latest project is a woodsy dance-pop oriented project entitled "When You Get Lonely EP".
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Track Name: EastWest
Written by Jeremy M. Long

V1: Brother, you’ve watched over me my whole life
How can I repay you?

Pre: People come and go but you never do (2x)

Chorus: You’re moving east
And I’m staying out west
Geography don’t mean a thing
You’ll always be my best

V2: You always let me hang with your friends
And if I was picked on, you said “so long”, “so long”

Pre: Same

Chorus: Same (2x)

Bridge: You’re leaving town
Got a good job in the city

Pre: People come and go but I never will (2x)

Chorus: Same (2x)
Track Name: People Worry
People Worry
Written by Jeremy M. Long

V1: Take a hit of mountain mist
Take a moment to exist
Come follow my footprints
They might lead to something dangerous
I just wanna learn your pulse
I just wanna touch your smile
Remember when you didn’t even know who I was?

Ch: We’re not lost, we’re not hiding
People worry about us
‘Cause they don’t have what we have
We’re not lost

V2: Do you wanna disappear?
I don’t understand the hype
Of working yourself to death
Just to survive

Ch: Same (2x)

Outro: When you get lonely
When you get lonely, call me!
I’ll be there for you, I’ll be there for you
For the rest of your days (2x)
Track Name: 17OJ
17OJ (Seventeenth of June)
Written by Jeremy M. Long

V1: Never mind the late, late start
Is everyone on board?
Let’s go spend some money
To buy some things we can’t afford

Pre: There’s no reason to sit inside and wait
It’s the season to set aside the violent games

Ch: Let’s go driving by the lake
The ghost of winter is about to fade
And come August, I won’t remember you
But I’ll see your face every 17th of June (Oh)
Every 17th of June (Oh)

V2: Dust off that old record player,
it’s time to spin The Stones.
No more time to get in shape,
it’s time to break some bones.

Pre: There’s no reason to sit inside and wait.
There’s people out there who wanna learn your name.

Ch: Same
Track Name: Loyal to a Fault
Loyal to a Fault
Written by Jeremy M. Long

V1: Look at the bond we’ve made
In only a matter of days
I feel like I can tell you anything
These friendships never come easy

Ch: I’m loyal to a fault
Think you oughta know (4x)

Br: Don’t talk shit about my friends
I’m not gonna join in
I know it’s only been the summer
But we’re brothers now (2x)

Ch: I’m loyal to a fault
Think you oughta know (4x)

V2: And after I stood up for you
You were given the same opportunity
And you threw me under the bus
And succumbed to your jealousy
I’m not gonna change, I don’t need to
(I’m loyal to a fault)

Ch: I’m loyal to a fault
Think you oughta know (4x)
Track Name: Twisted Up
Twisted Up
Written by Jeremy M. Long

V1: We met up at the river on Friday night
It’s been a while since we’ve shared a case of Coors Light
Safe and warm in the comfort of our old lives
Get ready to say goodbye again (say goodbye again) 2x

Ch: Back to the daily grind
Don’t pretend that you’re doing fine
We’re twisted up in the head sometimes
Twisted up in the head sometimes
Twisted up and we don’t know why
Press on

V2: Why do we act like we have it all figured out
Triumphant by the looks of our social accounts
Just admit that you’re as lost as I am
And call me
‘Cause I am still your friend (2x)

Ch: Repeat

Br: It’s been a long road
A long road since high school
I wanted to come back and be everyone’s idol
But the cold hard truth is I fight for survival
I’ve distanced myself and I’ve made you my rivals

V3: We met up at the river on Friday night
And shared our struggles by the fireside

Outro: (Twisted up in the head sometimes)

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